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Investment Companies

Lipton helps investment companies develop approaches and practices that lead to increased profitability and growth. Confronted with an exacting and complex set of demands, investment companies and other financial services organizations require the highest level of proficiency to be successful.
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ManufacturingManufacturing companies continue to undergo a transformation to maintain profitability as international competitive pressures increase and technology rapidly advances. Lipton provides the expertise necessary to streamline operations in order to increase efficiencies and achieve a higher level of profitability.
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Professional Practice Services

Professional Practice ServicesFocusing on business strategy is crucial to running a successful practice. Lipton has offered a custom suite of advisory and accounting services to professionals for over 30 years. Our team understands the unique factors affecting your medical, dental, legal or other professional practice.
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Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & ConstructionLipton provides a wide range of services to the real estate industry, including income tax and HST, assurance, and consulting to commercial and residential real estate owners, developers, operators, management companies, and other mid-sized and family-owned real estate enterprises.
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Retail, Wholesale & Distribution

Retail, Wholesale & DistributionManaging cash and inventory effectively is key for retailers to achieve ongoing profitability. The professionals at Lipton LLP understand that every retailer has a different mix of products and customers that can change the company’s growth outlook. The professionals at Lipton LLP have extensive experience providing a full range of services to wholesale distribution companies, and we continually help clients in this dynamic industry solve business problems and achieve their goals.
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TechnologyTechnology companies compete with the best and brightest. Every day brings new challenges—and challengers. Those that succeed work constantly to stay one step ahead. Company leaders rely on advisors that understand their unique business issues and who can provide them with discerning counsel.
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